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Safety & Security 

At Maxine’s Daycare, we strive every day to address the needs of the children and families in our care. Our early learning center offers high-quality security systems. Your child’s health and safety is our highest priority, and we’ve invested in the latest and best technology to ensure that Maxine’s Daycare is a safe and secure location for your child.

Secure Entry System 

We offer the most advanced system in the child care industry. We have one door that is used for the entry and exit, and this door is securely locked and can only be accessed through a two-way buzzing system. That will can only be opened by the staff at Maxine's Daycare, all visitors must show a picture ID, even those authorized to pick up a child. Our security standards are rigorous and strictly enforced.

Video Surveillance Technology

At Maxine’s Day Care Center Video surveillance technology is placed in areas of the facility so that children are monitored during play time, education, meals and nap time. Also, to prevent vandalism and theft, video surveillance technology also monitors the front outdoor entry and exit. It is extremely important for Maxine’s Day Care Center to provide safety for your family and our staff.

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