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Maxine's Day Care 

Infant Program 

6 Weeks to 14 Months 

The Infant Room Environment 

Maxine's Daycare provides a nurturing environment to care for your baby. Our teachers listen and communicate with parents to ensure both the child’s and parents’ needs are met. We are attentive to your baby as important milestones are reached, such as learning to roll over, crawl, walk, smile, babble, and wave hello!

Infant Room Employees

At Maxine's Day Care our teachers use the Teaching Strategies curriculum to ensure your child is learning through educational concepts, social interactions, play, and new experiences. The Teaching Strategies authentic assessment to​ols guide teachers in documenting observations, ensuring all children are meeting developmentally appropriate milestones and introducing new activities for learning.

Infant Program Services Offered

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

In our hope to give each infant individualized, personal care, we keep our ratios low.

Fun, Engaging, and Appropriate Activities

Our curriculum offers hands-on, appropriate, and relevant activities that encompass the cognitive, language, physical, and social-emotional development of every child. Sensory exploration, finger plays, puppetry, nursery rhymes, reading books, and nature walks are just some of the daily activities we provide our infants

Monthly Nurse Visits

Our school nurse performs monthly visits to check on the healthy practices and habits we should be aware of. The nurse gives additional in-service sessions about different health topics necessary for the infant staff to learn.

Infant Creative Curriculum

The first step in providing the appropriate support for the learning process is to understand the needs and personalities of the children. Students learn best in an environment in which they feel secure; this is especially true for young children who get easily frightened by the unknown. It is our job as educators to create a responsive environment where the child feels welcome and safe to move around, play and be him/herself. Within the Creative Curriculum, not only does the teacher serve as a role model but also a moderator for student interaction. The Creative Curriculum places an emphasis on teachers working with parents and families for the child’s benefit. By sharing accomplishments and milestones with parents daily, we hope that parents can continue to encourage their children outside the classroom.


Curriculum & 

Educational Framework 


Gross Motor

Music & Movement

Story Time

Fine Motor

Sensory Activities

Outdoor Play

Daily Schedule

The infant classroom provides many opportunities for stimulating and nurturing young infants’ minds, but also allows each child an opportunity to rest and recharge. Young infants determine their own schedules- there is no such thing as a “typical day” in an infant classroom! As your baby matures, we guide each child towards a more structured and organized schedule to provide consistent feeding and rest times.

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