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Maxine's Daycare

Preschool Program 

3 years to 5 years 

The Preschool Room Environment 

Maxine's Daycare provides preschoolers with opportunities to develop a love of learning! Children are given more freedom to explore based on their interests as they are engaged in the classroom learning centers. Learning centers give your preschool child the opportunity to learn to share and play with others, build independence and confidence, and acquire the skills needed for kindergarten.

Preschool Room Employee's 

Learning emerges through frequent exposure to concepts, interactions, purposeful play, and new experiences. Utilizing the Teaching Strategies curriculum, our teachers complete daily observations and authentic assessment to guide lesson plans and activities while ensuring that each child is meeting developmentally appropriate skills. 

Curriculum & 

Educational Framework

Circle Time/Large Group Activities

Small Group Activities

Creative/Process Art Activities

Outdoor/Large Motor Activities

Block Play

Math & Manipulatives

Writing/Language Arts

Dramatic Play


Music & Movement

Daily Schedule 

The preschool classroom provides a structured and nurturing environment that provides children with structured group activities, individualized learning opportunities, play, and numerous activities to encourage your child’s development. Preschool children are engaged in group circle time, purposeful play, meal times, and an opportunity for rest time as needed.

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