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To be the recognized and respected leader in providing quality child care services to children and families in an educational and nurturing environment that the community supports.


To provide our community families and children with high quality education, exceptional childcare. In a safe, structured, and nurturing environment, through a team of dedicated professionals.


We believe Maxine’s Daycare Center exists for the sole purpose of promoting the enrichment and nurturing of the youth in our community. We understand that each child has his or her own unique qualities and capabilities. That is why we encourage self-expression, creativity, and independence, which are foundations of a holistic child.

We believe children develop attitudes and self-identity during early childhood. We encourage positive self-esteem and respect for others. Our goal is to prepare children for their place in society as caring, confident and productive individuals.


Our center is managed by an early education director, referred to as an Administrator, as well as an Assistant Administrator. Each classroom has a Lead Teacher who is responsible for lesson planning, curriculum, assessments, parent-teacher conferences, and creating a safe, healthy, structured and nurturing environment. Teacher Assistants in each classroom help to supervise and interact with children to facilitate their play and learning. Classroom curriculum is overseen by the Education Coordinator who supports teachers in developing, implementing, and coordinating developmentally appropriate lesson plans.

The School Age classroom receives additional support from our Evening Executive Director and Education and Curriculum Coordinator. Our School Age classroom provide before and after school care during the school year and offer full day options during summer vacation and school holidays.

Maxine's Daycare center also has a  Registered Nurse on staff to help  provide assessment, medical intervention, and monitoring of the health status of children within the center as well as monitor children’s records and update health exams, immunizations, and lead screenings. Outside support staff are scheduled for health screenings and consultations throughout the year.

Maxine's Daycare is also supported by our Administrative team – . This team provides support to each of our staff members in education and curriculum, daily operations, and more. To answer parent questions or concerns this team approach for each center ensures quality care and education for the children and families in their facilities. We have a positive reputation amongst parents and the community due to our quality of care and education.

Children thrive when their teachers are deeply interested and committed to them. Our teachers enjoy working with children and parents to create a warm and consistent environment. The teachers act as facilitators of learning, and respect the idea that each child participates in the process of learning in their own unique way. We have carefully selected our team, not only because of their knowledge and experience in the field of early childhood and school age education, but also because their personal educational philosophy and teaching style is compatible with our approach. Each staff member meets or exceeds the qualifications set by state laws and completes a full orientation program when they begin their career. Training and orientation are required per year and are documented in each employee’s file. Each staff member undergoes a background and criminal check that they need to pass per the State of IL requirements.

Maxine's Daycare recognizes that learning is a life-long process for children, as well as adults. Our teachers are offered continual opportunities throughout their employment to further their education and improve their teaching skills. We offer in-service training, company wide workshops, and seminars.

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